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James Bailey has been keeping bees since the early 80s, turning a family hobby into a successful and grow business, Natural Apiary.

Natural Apiary

Natural Apiary (link to Natural Apiary) was formed from James’s and Karla’s home in Norfolk, selling online and Amazon focusing protective clothing because the primary reason beekeepers quit and potential newcomers not taking up the hobby is the being stung and fear of being stung.

Natural Apiary continues to grow to add more and more high-end beekeeping supplies to its store including bee nutrition and hive equipment.


The aim of WikiBeekeeping is to share the knowledge of experienced beekeepers with the world, with full transparency. So, unlike Wikipedia where anyone can update content as long as they use a fake name “… all required to use pseudonyms (Wikipedia 2020).” and have no professional affiliation to the topic “Content cannot be edited by professionals due to the ‘conflict of interest’ cause”. (Wikipedia 2020).”

WikiBeekeeping believes it is important to know and understand where the information came from and why the editor has an interest in the content.

If you want to know what experienced beekeepers, professional beekeepers, and academics have to say about beekeeping, then WikiBeekeeping is the right place. If you what to know what Duffy Duck or Captain America knows about beekeeping, then there’s Wikipedia.org

WikiBeekeeping, James’s vision is to share the knowledge of beekeeping to all for free, with a willingness to learn from others and share knowledge, so that all can benefit.