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Bee breeding and queen rearing are not the same, but many beekeepers think they are. Queen rearing is the process of producing queen honey bees by whatever method is chosen by the beekeeper, whereas breeding is the process of selection that brings about the lines to be propagated by queen rearing and any culling that is carried out. Even when the queens are reared, there is still further selection required to ensure that the progeny are up to the 'correct' specification. Bee breeding is a continuous process. Drone rearing is also of prime importance, but is often not properly considered. Many beekeepers get a mental block about "bee breeding" and "queen rearing", because they automatically think it is difficult. I much prefer the term "Bee Improvement" as it sounds less difficult.

This page of links to various bee breeding items should enable beekeepers to navigate this website more easily.

Instrumental Insemination

Assessment of Colonies



Bee Types

Distribution of Races

Queen Rearing


Bee Improvement

Queens - Poor Performance

Requeen with a Queen Cell

History of Bee Breeding

Queen Banking

Making Bee Kit

Record Keeping


DNA testing

Brood Nest Shape

Clipping & Marking

Pollen Trapping

Drone Raising

Making Increase

Miller Method

Transporting Queencells

Egg Transplanting

Cell Plug Boxes

Grafting Notes

Grafting Tools

Grafting Timetable

Starting Queencells

Swarm Boxes

Finishing Queencells

Using Queencells

Alley Method

Appraisal of stock (Record Cards)

Queen Introduction

Re-Introduction of II Queens

Mating Nucs

Breeding Bits

Testing Queens

Holding Nucs

Finding Queens

Cell Punches & Cell Punching

Measuring Quantities of Bees

Requeening a Colony