Combined Queen Holder And Hook for II

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These suggestions are open to comments or corrections.

Some instrumental insemination techniques do not use mechanical manipulators to open the sting chamber, the bases shown here are suitable for use with tweezers.


The hook can be simply attached using the tubular metal connector removed from a "chocolate block" electrical connector (illustrated right). The small brass insert can be soldered to a "Bulldog" clip which in turn is placed to grip the main tubular stanchion that is the queen holder. This hook assembly may be slid up and down the stanchion and holding tube to engage the hook (with the aid of a probe to help locate the hook initially). The hook can also be soldered directly to the clip, but this arrangement is 'less adjustable'.


The base should be 60 mm-100mm in diameter about 20 mm in thickness, stainless steel my be an advantage for cleanliness, but is difficult to work. The tubular stanchion is fitted centrally and at 30 degrees to the vertical. The connector for the Co2 should communicate with the hole in the central stanchion and the queen holder tube should be a push fit into a ferrule on the top end of the stanchion tube. (I have seen versions that had a spigot on the top of the stanchion that fitted inside the queen holder, but this can be risky as perspex is very "notch prone" and may easily split if accidentally knocked. The queen holder and stanchion, when assembled, should be the same diameter over all of the length to facilitate the sliding of the "Bulldog" hook.

The puck shaped version at right is one designed by Tilly Kuhnert... It is simple and straightforward.

Latshaw hook.jpg

Another version designed by Joe Latshaw has a syringe holder mounted on a common base in exact relation to the queen holder. For semen collection the syringe can be swivelled round away from the holder to allow greater access. Joe's queen holder also has the hook soldered directly to the sliding brass collar. The tube carrying the CO2 can be seen behind Joe's hand.