Frow Mixture

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A former treatment for acarine disease [edit | edit source]

Acarine disease (Acarapis Woodii) was thought to have been the cause of the "Isle of Wight Disease", but that has now been shown to be unlikely. At one stage acarine was considered to be a major threat to honey bees and a great deal of time and effort was spent on studying it and finding treatments. One of the most successful was a treatment called Frow Mixture that was formulated by Mr R.W.Frow.

When I started beekeeping in 1963, many of the beekeepers used Frow Mixture and the appliance dealers sold it in small sealed brown glass bottles. It is now no longer available and illegal to use in the U.K.

I think Mr Frow and his experiments are quite interesting, with details written by Alan Campion and displayed on Roger Parsons World of Richard Watson Frow. I am grateful to Roger Parsons for allowing me to link to his website.