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= Introduction =
Dave Cushman died on 22nd February 2011 and shortly before he died he asked Roger Patterson to take over his beekeeping website (www.dave-cushman.net).

Dave had a number of medical problems, making it difficult or impossible for him to work. Ironically his poor health led to the existence of his website, with the incredible amount of information on it when R. Patterson took over it, being compiled in only 10 years. He had an incredibly sharp mind right to the end and he was very frustrated that he couldn't get upstairs to access his computers in his last few weeks.
His website was quite simply a website that would help beekeepers worldwide, where they could source good sound information. In his pages you will see some alternative views, some not always his own theories, but most of them are as sound as the common line. Dave, often question what was taught, especially by those who are not passing on the benefit of their own experience, but the words of others. The alternatives discussed are not what is normally written or taught but consider them carefully before making a judgment, and this is best done by sticking your head into a beehive, not a book.
Dave, wanted the beekeeping website to be continually developed. Limited by time R. Patterson tries to keep his website largely in the same format that visitors are used to, but inevitably with some changes, in an attempt to build knowledge and maintaining the website that he had.
Although Dave created a comprehensive beekeeping website he was always just an ordinary person and didn't think himself above others. He was always accessible and willing to help anyone, whatever their experience and knowledge, and of course a lot of it were through providing the information on this website.
= Dave's Website =
Dave Cushman wanted all his beekeeping material on his website to be fully accessible and free of copyright. All he asked for in return was a credit if the material was used elsewhere. This policy continues encouraging to make whatever use of the material, providing it isn't misrepresented, but please include the words "Credit - Dave Cushman's Website".
Please note that some of the material on the non-beekeeping pages and Dave Cushman's family is subject to copyright.
Much of the new material on Dave's site has been edited by R. Patterson, from his own knowledge but also using information that may have been sourced and credited from elsewhere.
= Copying of Material =
R. Patterson is aware that material from Dave's website has been copied onto other websites. As it was Dave Cushman's policy to make all beekeeping items on this website free of copyright, as he wanted it to be freely available for all beekeepers to help them become more knowledgeable. Dave was a very generous man and for that reason, no action will be taken. The official Dave Cushman website is maintained to Daves high standards.
= Going Forward =
The aim of WikiBeekeeping is to share the knowledge of experienced beekeepers to the world, with full transparency. So, unlike Wikipedia where anyone can update content as long as they use a fake name “… all required to use pseudonyms (Wikipedia 2020).” and have no professional affiliation to the topic “Content cannot be edited by professionals due to the ‘conflict of interest’ cause”. (Wikipedia 2020).”
At WikiBeekeeping, we believe it is important to know and understand where the information came from and why the editor has an interest in the content.
If you want to know what experienced beekeepers, professional beekeepers, and academics have to say about beekeeping, then this is WikiBeekeeping is the right place.
If you what to know what Duffy Duck or Captain America know about beekeeping, then there’s [[wikipedia:Beekeeping|<u>Wikipedia.org</u>]]
Dave Cushman has been cited at WikiBeekeeping as his work, along with others has been used as seed content for this site. His work is good and beneficial for all to read and use, and his original writings can be found on this website <u>http://www.dave-cushman.net</u>
WikiBeekeeping and Dave’s vision as joined in wanting to share the knowledge of beekeeping to all for free. We believe that his works and that of many others will grow to be the most comprehensive and informed website on the topic of beekeeping.
- James Bailey
Chief WikiBeekeeping Editor

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